Taylor Swift Reunited With Ex Taylor Lautner for "I Can See You"

Taylor Swift cast Taylor Lautner in her music video for the song "I Can See You," a "from the vault" track on Speak Now 

The music video has a heist-style theme and was directed and written by Taylor Swift. 

The video also features Joey King and Presley Cash. 

The video was premiered at Taylor Swift's Eras Tour show in Kansas City, Missouri, on the same day as the album release. 

Taylor Swift spoke warmly about Taylor Lautner on stage, mentioning that he was a positive force in her life during the making of the Speak Now album. 

Taylor Lautner and his wife, Taylor Dome, have become some of Taylor Swift's closest friends. 

Taylor Swift posted behind-the-scenes photos from the music video on social media. 

The video's premise was inspired by how Taylor Swift felt having her fans help her reclaim her music. 

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