Taylor Jenkins falls during Draymond Green's Desmond Bane push.

Although Draymond Green is open to chippy situations with most people, he has a particularly long relationship with the Memphis Grizzlies.  

The Grizzlies may not be as dangerous to the Golden State Warriors as they once were due to the injuries to multiple important players.

But the animosity between the two teams still exists, and on Wednesday, Green found himself at the center of it once more. Dillon Brooks may be gone.  

In the second quarter, the event started. Salti Aldama scored a basket as Green was guarding him under the basket.

A furious altercation ensued between the two, during which Green clutched a handful of Aldama's jersey.  

Afterwards, during a stoppage, Green was voicing his concerns to an official while guard Desmond Bane and coach Taylor Jenkins of the Grizzlies stood nearby. 

After a brief altercation involving some pushing between Bane and Green, a complete mob appeared out of nowhere. 

Jenkins was pushed to the ground right away after Warriors wing Gary Payton II collided with him in the middle.  

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