Tattooed 12-year-old footballer breaks social media.

The internet is in awe of Jeremiah Johnson, a 12-year-old running back from Fort Worth, Texas, due to his stature and maturity. 

The athlete, who won MVP honors at the 2022 Youth National Championships over the weekend in Miami.

Went viral after a picture of him with what appeared to be facial hair and a tattoo resurfaced on social media.

Johnson is shown in the photo holding the trophy that reads, "12U Division 1 Most Valuable Player," and whose Dallas.  

Dragons Elite Academy (DEA) squad won the final match.Johnson can be heard asserting that he is definitely 12 years old in a different video.

Johnson was identified as a 12-under football player by Generation NEXXT, a nationwide child sports school. 

And network in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which posted pictures of Johnson to Facebook and Instagram. However.

Other internet users, including one NFL player, do not agree that the phenomenon is a pre-teen.

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