Sydney Sweeney discusses the conservative politicisation of her beauty.

Sydney Sweeney has commented on the political rhetoric surrounding her body.

Right-wing bloggers declared that "wokeness is dead" following the Euphoria star's performance on Saturday Night Live earlier this month

while Canada's National Post asked: "Are Sydney Sweeney's double-D breasts harbingers of the death of woke?"

Amy Hamm of The Washington Post stated that "we've spent years being chastised for desiring or admiring beauty - because beauty is rare and exclusionary

and to exclude is to hate - or so we've been scolded to accept by today's diversity, equity, and inclusion fanatics."

We're not allowed to admire Sweeney's beauty, but we did regardless. The times, they are changing.

"Aren't they?"Sweeney told NME in a new interview that "there's not anything I can do" about her obsession with her appearance.

When asked if that made her want to stay off the internet, she replied: "Um, no, I think it's necessary to be informed of everything and then use that information however I see fit

But I'm just being myself.Her statements are similar to what she said in an interview with Variety published earlier this week.

Earlier this month, people criticized the White Lotus star's visit on Saturday Night Live for focusing certain sketches on her figure. 

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