Swift Underpaid?

Sweden has experienced high inflation recently, with consumer prices rising 9.7 percent over the past year. 

The surge in prices is attributed to multiple factors, including large spending to support households during the pandemic, Covid-related disruptions in supply chains,

The concert business, exemplified by Taylor Swift and Beyoncé, is big business and has undergone changes over the long run. 

Taylor Swift and Beyoncé earn substantial amounts of money mainly from concerts, rather than record or streaming royalties. 

The enabling technology that explains the profitability of live concerts is the microphone and advanced contemporary sound systems 

Lucrative tours by music superstars are not a new development; they date back to the 1850s when artists like Jenny Lind toured and generated significant ticket sales 

Despite the large venues and ticket sales, live concerts play a more limited role now compared to 170 years ago 

Taylor Swift's success raises questions about the factors limiting her potential earnings and the changing dynamics of the concert business in the modern era.