summer kimchi

Summer kimchi. Today, I'm sharing my mother's Kimchi recipe! I believe it is the ideal beginner's recipe: simple, with no complicated processes or ingredients.

If you want to try a new food project this year, consider making homemade Kimchi! It will be a recipe for a lifetime.

This is actually the second Kimchi recipe on Future Neighbor. In our previous Kimchi recipe, we seasoned the mixture with fish sauce.

Kimchi with fish sauce tastes strong, spicy, and powerful. Many individuals (and restaurants) in Seoul prefer this form of Kimchi, which has sharp and upfront flavors.

My mother's recipe is considerably more balanced. Getting closer to home cooking. It has a less pungent, softer taste. 

Think of it as a latte vs an espresso. The important ingredients for this "balanced" flavor are saeujeot (Korean salted shrimp) and a potato.

Saeujeot is quite salty. Fresh baby shrimp have been salted and fermented. (And, no, we never eat this by itself; it's always blended with a sauce or paste).

However, it has a deep flavor that is not as pungent as fish sauce. So Koreans (particularly in Seoul) enjoy using this component to make Kimchi.

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