Summer Cocktails to Keep You Cool.  

Regardless of the season, these refreshing summer cocktails will keep you cool.   

Some of our favorites are a cucumber-rose gin spritz, which gets its mild flowery flavor from dried rose petals, a golden-hued white sangria  

Continue reading for those recipes and more of our favorite summer cocktails.  

This cocktail's main ingredient is fresh grapefruit juice. The drink is shaken with flavored reposado tequila, a squeeze of lime, and plenty  

Ice before being topped with lemon-lime and club sodas for a refreshing, not-too-sweet rendition.  

Preparing fresh watermelon juice adds a refreshing melon flavor to this blend-and-sip cocktail, but fresh, high-quality store-bought juice will also work well.   

It's a rum drink for margarita fans, with a salted rim that balances sharp lime juice with sweet agave syrup. You can prepare one drink with leftover juice or eight for a crowd.  

This light and pleasant cocktail is reminiscent of both the American South and the South of France. It's created with fresh peach and basil, gin, Lillet, lemon juice, club soda, and a dash  

It's thirst-quenching and invigorating, with a balanced sweet and sour flavor profile and an appealing, effervescent finish.   

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