Strawberry Jalapeno Mojito  

A typical mojito contains white rum, mint, lime, simple syrup, and club soda.   

We started with a real mojito then added strawberries and jalapeño to make this sweet and fiery riff on the cocktail!  

First, clean and prepare the strawberries, jalapenos, and mint. Remove and discard the strawberry tops, then cut them in half.   

Slice the jalapeno into little disks (if you want your cocktail extra hot, leave the seeds in!).   

De-stem part of the mint leaves, but keep a few sprigs intact for garnish.  

Next, combine the strawberries and lime juice in a shaker and muddle until you have a good pulp.  

Add mint leaves, white rum, simple syrup, and jalapenos to the shaker and mix without ice. Be careful not to bruise young mint leaves, which can add bitterness. Before freezing, shake without ice to adequately agitate the components.  

Pour ice into the shaker and shake gently to chill the cocktail. Strain into an ice-filled Collins glass using a Hawthorne strainer. Add club soda, a mint sprig, and a straw.  

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