Star Wars villain was actually inspired by this US president

With so much of the Skywalker Saga centered on the conflict between the High Republic and the Galactic Empire, no one can argue that Star Wars isn't political. 

Perhaps the original trilogy would not have been regarded as one of the greatest films of all time if it had not been so openly political. Even Andor, a popular Star Wars series, became noted for its politically charged themes.

But the political underbelly of Star Wars does not end there. In a new interview with the Star Wars website, George Lucas stated that Emperor Palpatine,

the malevolent Sith Lord and builder of the totalitarian Empire, was inspired by a specific character in historical history - a former US president, no less.

"The inspiration for Star Wars, one of the very first ideas, was when Richard Nixon tried to change the Constitution so that he could run for a third term," he said.

"We all knew he was a crook, a wicked guy, and he did terrible things, but we kind of went along with it. 

It wasn't until the impeachment, and even later, that we realized how absolutely corrupt he was.""But that was the idea: how can a democracy crumble? How does it die?

'When it does not die with a revolution, as it happens in some circumstances, but not in the world of the ideal democracy, which we thought we had at the time, how does that happen? Will people vote for it?

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