Solar eclipse viewing parties and events in and around Detroit include telescopes, music, and snacks.

Prepare to experience the solar eclipse on April 8 as it approaches.  

As Monday approaches, a slew of eclipse-themed events are planned, including viewing parties and educational activities  

pique the interest of curious attendees.  

Many places, from local libraries and parks to science institutions and companies, will host meetings to witness the celestial extravaganza,  

NASA predicts will not appear in our skies again until September 14, 2099.  

While the majority of events are slated for April 8, there are a few eclipse-related events taking place before that date.  

On April 8, visit Leslie Science & Nature Center to explore the night sky in the StarLab,   

learn about space at hands-on activity tables, and meet nocturnal species up close.  

Safety shields to prevent from peripheral sunlight around eclipse glasses; solar telescopes and sunspotters to safely watch the sun; and NISENet’s Build a Moon Base Camp  

Pink posts a video of a heart on a cloud to remember her late father.