Social media feud with Robert Griffin III: Jay Gruden: 'You weren't good enough'

There is a feud that has broken out between former Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III and his head coach, Jay Gruden, who is in his final year with the organization.

This feud has been made public on social media for everyone to follow. 

The situation has reached a stage where Gruden has stated that his former quarterback is not "good enough," on the other hand, Kirk Cousins, 

the quarterback who took over in Washington under Gruden after Griffin started the first seven games of the 2014 season, "was better."

This was said by Gruden in a post that has since been deleted, further adding, "Cleveland did not want you.

 The city of Baltimore did not either. Stop pointing the finger at me. But where does all of this originate? 

When Gruden was watching the Wild Card game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday, he noted that the Eagles' offense was unable to pick up a blitz. 

"If I ever put a QB through what Philly is putting Jalen through, I apologize," Gruden told reporters. "Pick up a blitz!"

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