Shania Twain Becomes a Barbie as Lukas Gage Apologizes for “Wasting Her Time”

Shania Twain is known as the "Queen of Pop" after selling over 100 million records and earning over $420 million from her concert tours.

The icon has released six studio albums and garnered five Grammy Awards for her contributions to music. Considered a country music legend,

the singer just saw her likeness immortalized by Mattel. And it appears that actor Lukas Gage recently apologized to Twain for having her perform at his wedding. 

While having Twain sing at a wedding is noteworthy, it also represents a stressful period in Gage's life. At the time, the actor expressed his love for his estranged husband, Chris Appleton. 

To commemorate their love, Gage hired the country star to play "You're Still the One" during their wedding. Despite accepting the request, the couple filed for divorce only six months after their wedding.

On Tuesday's Watch What Happens Live, the actor apologized to Shania Twain for wasting her time. I mean, three weeks later, we're still clinging on to You're Still The One. 

That was crazy. That was the largest waste of her time. I love you, Shania, and I sincerely apologize for it." 

Despite not seeking an apology, Gage's speech demonstrated how much Twain's performance meant to him. The country queen celebrated her time in the spotlight when Mattel chose to create a Barbie in her likeness.

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