Selena Gomez explains what she truly said to Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes amid viral video.

The internet adores a good lip-reading hypothesis, so combine it with two of the world's brightest stars — Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift — and you've got an instant viral sensation.

Following Sunday's Golden Globe Awards, a video of Gomez talking with Swift went viral.

Did Gomez actually tell her best friend that Kylie Jenner wouldn't let her take a photo with Timothée Chalamet?

 Well, Gomez says the answer is no. After the internet went crazy for over a day wondering about what she said, the singer finally clarified the record.

On Tuesday, Gomez commented on an E! News Instagram post regarding the event.

The singer claimed she was speaking about friends—but not Chalamet and Jenner. "Not that that's anyone business."

TMZ caught up with the actor on Monday night and he denied speculation his girlfriend wouldn't allow him to take a picture with Gomez.  

Chalamet also said he and Gomez are cool. So, how did this rumor get started in the first place? 

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