Season 5 of Yellowstone may last longer.

Creator Tyler Sheridan hints that Part 2 of Season 5 of Yellowstone might be longer than previously reported. 

The show has been a smash hit for Paramount+, with growing audiences and critical acclaim. 

Yellowstone revolves around the Dutton family of ranchers, with Kevin Costner playing patriarch John Dutton III. 

Kevin Costner has been developing a series of western movies, which led to his departure from Yellowstone and the show's premature ending. 

Season 5 is the final series of Yellowstone. 

The second half of Season 5 was initially reported to be six episodes long 

but Sheridan's recent statement suggests it may be longer. 

However, there is no information available about when the extended episodes will air. 

Yellowstone is also ending prematurely, with Season 5 the final series. We’re already halfway through the run, with the second half of the season supposedly six episodes long.