Season 5 of "Yellowstone" ends, but a successor series is coming.

The hit TV show "Yellowstone" will conclude after the second half of Season Five airs in November. 

A new untitled "Yellowstone" sequel is currently being developed and is set to premiere on Paramount Network in December. 

The sequel will continue the Dutton story in a new and exciting narrative, picking up where "Yellowstone" left off. 

The upcoming series will be helmed by Taylor Sheridan, the creator of "Yellowstone," and will be produced by MTV Entertainment Studios and 101 Studios. 

Paramount Network and the creators express confidence in the success of the sequel, anticipating it to be another major hit. 

Concerns arose about the show's future when Kevin Costner, Taylor Sheridan, and several cast members were absent from a scheduled appearance at PaleyFest in April. 

Questions were raised regarding Costner's involvement and the extent of his role in the sequel, with no official announcements made by the network. 

Specific details about the new series are currently limited, with further information yet to be revealed.