Ricotta Pancakes With Creamy Lemon Sauce  

If your searches and saves are any indication, you enjoy lemon-ricotta recipes.   

Bright, zesty lemon and gentle, fluffy ricotta cheese complement each other perfectly, whether in sweet or savory dishes.  

From quick weekday pastas to lovely spring desserts, here are some of our favorite lemon-ricotta combos.  

The 15-minute dish's no-cook sauce is made with creamy ricotta cheese. It's enhanced with lemon zest and juice and served with spaghetti for a simple yet delicious dinner.  

Ukrainian cookbook author Anna Voloshnaya's sweet, cheese-stuffed buns are usually presented around Easter.  

The fresh ricotta filling is seasoned with lemon zest, sugar, and golden raisins.  

This light ricotta cheesecake is infused with lemony flavor from both fresh lemon juice and limoncello, a sweet and powerful Italian liqueur created by steeping lemon peels in grain alcohol or vodka.   

A spicy cookie crust and basil garnish complement the lemon nicely.  

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