Reverse-Flash Admits the Heartbreaking Reason He's a Villain

The enduring conflict between Reverse-Flash (Eobard Thawne) and the Flash (Barry Allen) has spanned over half a century in the comics. 

Eobard's actions, including the murders of Barry's loved ones and attacks on his allies, have led Barry to believe that Eobard holds an intense and deep-seated hatred for him. 

In the comic book issue The Flash #27 (2017), the true and heart-wrenching reason behind Reverse-Flash's relentless persecution of Barry is unveiled. 

Initially, Eobard aspired to be Barry's loyal sidekick, assisting him in his crime-fighting endeavors.  

However, when Eobard realized he held no special place in Barry's heart, he took a dark turn, vowing to ruin Barry's life instead. 

When finally confronted by Barry, Eobard reluctantly discloses the devastating truth that drives his actions. 

Ken Jennings praised the "Jeopardy!" writers and expressed hope for the strike to be resolved soon so that they can return and the show can continue in the fall. 

Eobard confesses that the battles and conflicts with Barry were the only means through which he could have any semblance of connection or interaction with him. 

Eobard's backstory reveals him as an ardent admirer of the Flash, finding solace and inspiration in reading about his hero's adventures during his own troubled times.