Research reveals that honey bees are surprisingly abundant, although the majority are wild and not kept in hives.

We discovered that wild honey bee colonies are unexpectedly common, based on a review of studies of wild colonies published in scholarly journals.   

We calculated that there are two to three times as many wild honey bee colonies as managed hives globally,  

between 200 and 300 million colonies.  

We've all seen bee hives. But who has actually seen a colony in the wild?   

Swarms of honey bees choose big nest cavities, commonly found in hollow trees or buildings, but they can be difficult to locate.  

While surveying trees in southeast England, we discovered that the average entry height of 36 wild colonies was over seven meters above the ground.  

based on an analysis of wild colony surveys reported  

All of the studies that we looked at used a variety of methods to locate wild honey bee colonies, including asking around, searching for them, and bee-lining, which involves feeding syrup to foraging worker bees.  

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