Republicans reject a motion to impeach Joe Biden.  

House Republicans James Comer and Jim Jordan, who are leading an impeachment investigation into Joe Biden  

declined to second a motion to impeach the president introduced by Florida Democrat Representative Jared Moskowitz.  

Comer, a Kentucky Republican who chairs the House Oversight Committee  

has been spearheading an inquiry into Biden's alleged involvement in and benefit from his son Hunter Biden's international business transactions

with the assistance of the House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Ohio Republican Jim Jordan.  

The White House has frequently denied that Biden had any involvement in his son's activities, and the president has described it as a "baseless political stunt."  

The investigation has been ongoing for almost a year, and while Comer and Jordan claim to have evidence of Biden's malfeasance  

they have yet to call for a vote on the issue.  

Moskowitz, a member of the Oversight Committee, addressed Comer during a committee hearing on the Biden impeachment investigation.  

Jordan replied, "We don't do snap impeachments like you do. We truly follow the facts. We conduct monitoring in accordance with the Constitution."  

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