Ranking all 68 2024 NCAA men's tournament teams by mascot

I am correct, my dear friends: Madness in March has here. And we are aware that the next few days leading up to the first round of the 2024 NCAA men's tournament  

will be spent with you filling out your bracket, deleting it, filling it out again, modifying it, tweaking it again, and finally making changes at the very last minute before  

the game begins on Thursday.Do you enjoy conducting in-depth research that includes statistics, rankings, and historical data? I'm sorry to say that. This is not the list that you should be looking at.  

The list that will assist you in selecting your bracket based on the nicknames or mascots of your favorite teams is now in its seventh (!) yearly iteration.A combination  

of nickname inventiveness, the degree of menace posed by the mascot, and, on occasion, the appearance of the costumed object are the components that make up my approach, which is utterly non-scientific.  

We have discussed this topic on multiple occasions; if you do not have a mascot, you will receive a low ranking. In 2018, the offensive Aztec Warrior was outlawed, and there has been  

no announcement regarding a successor as of yet.They also got rid with their mascot, which had been insulting in the past,   

but there has been some headway made in finding a successor! Despite the fact that it is not official, the Kingfisher is something!  

Pink posts a video of a heart on a cloud to remember her late father.