Randy Travis Gave Lainey Wilson the Best Compliment After Her Emotional Instagram Post  

Lainey Wilson's trip Down Under is proving "Country's Cool Again" and deeply affecting the Grammy-winning singer.  

Fans received photographs from her recent Australia concerts and a heartfelt message about her journey on social media.   

Famous people flooded her post with support.  

Lainey posted photographs of herself performing onstage in Wrangler bellbottoms, a leather vest, a black cowboy hat, and turquoise jewelry on Instagram.   

The Louisianan captioned the photos: "Thanks for transporting me to Australia.   

When I started writing songs as a child, I never dreamed someone on the other side of the planet would relate.   

Thinking I was simply a Baskin-Robbins redneck, I was incorrect!   

Everyone is more alike than you believe. We all want to feel something. ❤️"Lainey's fans expressed support with "Nobody is like you  

I admire your gut instinct" and "Amazing show, Lainey. Thanks for motivating us with your stories!"   

Melanie Dyer stated, "So inspiring to watch you crush it last night! ✨🔥" and Ian Munsick coined, "Legend."  

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