Randy Travis commemorates 10th anniversary of stroke with two tribute concerts.

New York, October 24 (UPI) -- Randy Travis, a Grammy winner and Country Music Hall of Fame member, suffered a stroke 10 years ago that robbed him of his famous voice.

To commemorate his survival and celebrate his illustrious career, musicians will perform Travis songs at memorial events on Tuesday at the VBC Probst Arena in Huntsville, 

Alabama, and on November 15 at the Texas Trust CU Theatre in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Travis, who has speech-limiting aphasia and cannot speak or sing for long periods of time, and his wife intend to attend both concerts.

"It's been ten years, and we feel so blessed that we can still be here, listen to music, listen to some of the great stars who make music

 and hear some of the stories from the great artists and fans about how Randy Travis touched their lives," Mary told reporters in a recent virtual press conference, with Randy sitting by her side,

 smiling and nodding. "People always say, 'Well, God left him here for a reason,' and every, single day, we see what that reason is."

"We talk to so many young artists," Mary stated. "It doesn't matter if they're into progressive rock/country or old country traditional, they all listen to Randy Travis. He had a sound that encompassed a large area."

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