Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were rebuffed again, showing their Hollywood struggle.

On Wednesday, the Primetime Emmy nominations were revealed, and as usual, there were some surprises and snubs. 

One of the most glaring omissions was Harry & Meghan, the highly anticipated Netflix docuseries starring Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series category was thought to be a lock, but the Emmy voters had other ideas. 

The Sussexes have recently suffered a string of setbacks, and the Emmys snub is just the latest in that line. This indicates that Hollywood needs to realign itself.

The good news is that the duo appeared to see the writing on the wall before their Spotify arrangement expired and their nomination bid was unsuccessful. 

With William Morris Endeavor, one of the finest talent agencies in Hollywood, Meghan is already in solid hands to reposition herself and give her goals a clear direction. 

Prince Harry has yet to find a safe road after publishing his mind-blowing memoir, Spare, but that could happen in the future if his British tabloid legal cases are resolved.

It may disappoint the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's detractors to learn that all is not doom and gloom for the Montecito-based pair.

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