We weren't really ready for a lengthy bike trip, even though I wanted to take the whole family. Instead, we started preparing everyone for riding in the spring  

We took every single bike and scooter out of the garage, inflated all the tires, gave everything a test ride, and determined which ones fit which, which ones to donate, and which ones only need minor upkeep.  

The children continue to develop, so it's critical to make sure their bikes fit properly.  

Getting each child fitted for a bike they like can have a significant impact on our family's riding experiences.   

Kids who ride too tiny of a bike could get uncomfortable and slower.  

Our newest independent rider hasn't been getting much riding time lately because he's been riding really slowly.   

We adjusted his bike seat to the point where he was standing on tiptoes, so we assumed he had a proper fit,  

the highest seat height on a very little bike.  

Although the seat heights were roughly the same, he will ride the larger bike more faster and more effectively.  

Pink posts a video of a heart on a cloud to remember her late father.