Outlander's Final Season: Tobias Menzies Gives the Definitive Answer on Whether He Will Return

Good news for Jamie and Claire Fraser, but awful news for Outlander's devoted fans.

Tobias Menzies has confirmed to TVLine that he will not resume his roles as Frank or Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall before the eighth and final season of the Starz series.

"What am I allowed to say?" Menzies chuckled, unknowingly raising our expectations before deflating them. "That would be amazing. 

The news is hardly surprising given that Frank, Claire's husband from her own time, and his cruel ancestor Black Jack, who tormented the Frasers in various ways for years, are both dead in the novel.

However, due to the intricacies of time travel, Black Jack appears briefly in Written in My Own Heart's Blood, the ninth book in Diana Gabaldon's novel series, on which the show is based. 

Flashbacks, dreams, and visions are common in the story, yet neither Black Jack nor his 20th-century descendant seem to experience them.

Outlander completed the first part of its seventh season in August 2023. (Read the midseason finale recap.) Starz has yet to announce when Outlander will return for Season 7B. 

 In early 2023, the cable network informed viewers that the historical drama would conclude with a 10-episode Season 8. 

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