'Outlander' Recap: Jamie Meets Past and Claire Midwifes Jenny

amie (Sam Heughan) faced the pistol in Saturday's Outlander. Claire (Caitriona Balfe) hurried downstairs to calm the situation, but Jenny (Laura Donnelly) saved Jamie. 

She said, “MacQuarrie, put your gun down,” to the man threatening her brother before promising food to calm everyone.

Jamie, who Jenny identified as her cousin, followed his sister into the kitchen to ask why she had summoned the Watch. They were protected by the famous mercenaries, 

but Jamie worried they would hand him over to the British (he still had a price on his head). She assured him of his safety by calling him her cousin. “Tread lightly and don’t provoke them,” Claire said. Naturally, he disobeyed.

Jamie fought a Watch member shortly after setting fire to the family's hay store. He said, “This family’s taken you in, given you food and shelter, you might want to show some gratitude,” before the two fought.

MacQuarrie (Douglas Henshall) stopped the battle to apologize for his man's behavior. After Horrocks (Lochann O'Mearain), a redcoat deserter who recognized Jamie, arrived, all was forgotten.

After a tight stare, he feigned not to know him. “These Scots all look the same,” Horrocks added.

Later, alone with Jamie, Horrocks demanded money to remain quiet. Jamie was upset. “I should never have come home,” he said Claire.

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