‘Outlander’ Prequel Cast Revealed — See Who Will Play Jamie and Claire’s Parent

In Outlander: Blood of My Blood, Jamie Fraser's father Brian Fraser will be portrayed by Jamie Roy.

Ellen Mackenzie, his mother, will be portrayed by Harriet Slater. The focus of the show has also somewhat changed. 

The prequel to Outlander, which was first planned to center on Jamie's parents,

will now also delve into the narrative of Claire Fraser's parents. Hermione Corfield and Jeremy Irvine will portray them. 

In the Outlander spinoff, Scottish actor Jamie Roy will portray Jamie Fraser's father, Brian. 

 He was born and raised in Glasgow and has acted in films such as Your Boyfriend Is Mine, Condor's Nest, and Squeaky Clean Mysteries: Hazardous Duty. 

Julia Moriston, Claire Fraser's mother, will be portrayed by Hermione Corfield.

Blood of My Blood, which was revealed by The Herald. In the pictures, Jeremy Irvine's character Henry Beauchamp and Hermoine Corfield'

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