Oscars 2024 aims for a larger viewership, but that may be beyond Ken.  

An earlier hour, an embarrassment of superstars, and Ryan Gosling's live performance all expected to enhance viewership.   

However, it's unclear whether the audience will return.On Sunday night in Los Angeles, at the Dolby Theatre, one name from Hollywood's recent past will be heard louder than any other: Ken, not Cillian or Emma.  

There will be 65 of them, to be precise, joining Ryan Gosling on stage as he performs I'm Just Ken from Barbie.

Oscars' pastel pink promotional videos, along with fourth-time host Jimmy Kimmel.  

Despite the fact that Barbie is unlikely to win beyond Billie Eilish for best original song and another for best costume design.

Greta Gerwig's film has been placed at the centre of an awards show that is desperately trying to reconnect with its audience. 

The Oscars' executive producers, Raj Kapoor, Katy Mullan, and Molly McNearney, have promised to "go big" this year, and in reality, their event could use some of Barbie's star power.  

Oscar nominations have been underwhelming since the start of the decade.  

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