On July 14, the moon will be "difficult" for three of the Zodiac signs.

On July 14, the Moon will cast a shadow over the horoscopes of three zodiac signs. It's easy to see how the Moon in Gemini could cause some of us some trouble. 

Today, July 14, 2023, because it's inevitable that some sort of communication or velocity glitch will occur during a Gemini transit. 

To elaborate, those born under the sign of Gemini are more likely to speak before they think, say too much, and believe.  

They are being purposefully neglected and talked down to during the time of the Gemini Moon. In a word, it's boring.  

Those who felt we were on to something and wanted to spread the word are probably having a tough day today. We'll get there eventually, but it might be after the Gemini Moon has gone.

Did someone say 'patience?' That's rich, especially for Virgo. Instead of working with your impatience, you tell others to step up. 


You've always valued yourself, so you just express yourself. Why should you? If what you say hurts someone else, so what? Their problem, not yours, right?


Pisces, you're just getting started today. Speaking of sleeping, the Gemini Moon was rising last night, preparing you for today.


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