Olivia Rodrigo's New Single "Vampire" Tops The Hot 100.

Olivia Rodrigo makes a stunning but expected return to the Billboard charts, kicking off her comeback.

In a way that is commensurate with her prior success in the music business.

On this week's Hot 100 chart, the pop singer's most recent hit, "Vampire," debuted at No. 1.

The weekly list of the most popular songs in the US is compiled by Billboard. 

On July 11, the chart will be updated, and Rodrigo will take Morgan Wallen's place at the top. 

Since its debut in mid-March, Wallen's single, "Last Night," has had a successful run, peaking at No. 1 for an incredible 13 non-consecutive weeks.

From the moment of its debut, "Vampire" proved to be an instant smash hit, dominating many measures that go into the Hot 100.

According to Billboa, in just the first seven days the song was available, it reached 26.3 million people through radio exposure, sold 26,000 copies, and received 35.5 million streams.

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