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After Anna, Cillian Murphy's Rotten Tomatoes streak stopped, but A Quiet Place Part II scored 91%.

Murphy's many parts display his acting range, blending explosive and nuanced moments.

Peaky Blinders, with a 93% Rotten Tomatoes score, may cement Murphy's career return.

After his $31.6 million box office flop that ended a five-movie streak, Oscar-winner Cillian Murphy's Rotten Tomatoes success is even more spectacular. 

 Since his 1997 début, the Irish actor has given several critically lauded TV and cinema performances. 

Cillian Murphy's films include sci-fi epics, horror classics, blockbusters, and historical dramas.

He has played everything from villains to heroes. Murphy's acting skills allow him to switch between vocal and introspective scenes.

Along with Oppenheimer and Cillian Murphy's multi-Oscar success, the 47-year-old actor recently filmed Small Things Like These, a project produced by Artists Equity and owned by Matt Damon.

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