Officially, Lionsgate is developing a John Wick series.  

Michael Burns, the chairman of the entertainment company, revealed the news during a Q&A at the Morgan Stanley press conference.  

The three-part prequel miniseries The Continental, which made its Peacock debut, is followed by the series. October 2023.   

Regarding the neo-noir criminal drama, Burns stated, "We ended up making a very relatively short-term deal on that show with Peacock and Amazon."  

The director of John Wick, Chad Stahelski, had previously discussed a possible TV show that would "explore The High Table," which is the covert assassin society that runs through Wick.   

The movie's director stated at the time that it would be "completely separate" from The Continental, which focuses on Winston Scott's rise to the position of manager of the name-brand New York hotel.  

Even though Stahelski opted not to become overly involved with John Wick 4's planned sequel Ballerina, he would welcome the chance to advance the brand.   

Plot and character details for the upcoming John Wick series are yet unknown.  

Still, the new program will probably stick to the same material, given that The Continental did the same.  

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