OceanGate Warned of "Catastrophic" Titanic Mission Problems

OceanGate's submersible craft, named Titan, went missing in the Atlantic Ocean with five people onboard during a mission to tour the Titanic's wreckage. 

Prior to the incident, the company received warnings from experts both inside and outside the company regarding potential dangers and the need for certification. 

OceanGate's director of marine operations, David Lochridge, produced a report in January 2018 

In March 2018, over three dozen industry leaders, deep-sea explorers, and oceanographers sent a letter to OceanGate's CEO, Stockton Rush, expressing concerns about the company's experimental approach  

These warnings criticized OceanGate's refusal to have the Titan inspected and certified by leading agencies and called for testing under the supervision of a third-party certification company. 

The company's leaders held a tense meeting to discuss the situation after receiving the report from David Lochridge.  

The company argued that certification would stifle innovation and that getting certified by usual assessment agencies would be time-consuming. 

Submersibles like the Titan are largely unregulated, especially when operating in international waters, and do not need to comply with certain regulations