NY attorney general wants $370 million from Trump and co-defendants in civil fraud trial. 

NY Attorney General seeks over $370M from Trump in civil fraud trial, alleging intent to defraud in financial statements preparation. 

AG Letitia James asserts "inescapable" evidence of deceptive schemes to inflate asset values and conceal facts. 

Judge Engoron finds Trump liable for persistent fraud, orders cancellation of NY business certificates, pending appeal. 

AG requests a five-year ban for Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump in addition to financial penalties. 

Trump's attorneys argue transactions beyond the statute of limitations, financial statements lack material misstatements. 

Attorneys claim no real-world impact demonstrated, no evidence of loan terms affected by alleged misstatements. 

Post-trial briefs set stage for closing arguments next week; Judge Engoron may issue a ruling later this month. 

Engoron rejects Trump's challenges to statute of limitations and disgorgement, and remains unconvinced by defence arguments during the 11-week trial. 

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