Noem addresses Ben & Jerry's "stolen" Mount Rushmore message.

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem criticizes Ben & Jerry's over their call for returning Mount Rushmore to Indigenous populations. 

Noem dismisses the ice cream company as "liberal Vermont businessmen" who lack knowledge of American history. 

Ben & Jerry's states that the United States should return the land of Mount Rushmore to Indigenous tribes. 

The land that became Mount Rushmore was originally called Tunkasila Sakpe by the Lakota Sioux. 

The federal government signed treaties with the Lakota and other tribes, promising them 35 million acres, including the Black Hills. 

The government violated these treaties after gold was discovered, leading to settlers moving into the area. 

The Sioux tribes were forced to relocate to smaller reservations. 

Ben & Jerry's highlights the historical injustice surrounding Mount Rushmore and the Indigenous land claims. 

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