There is no scientific evidence linking the consumption of sugar to hyperactivity. That does not imply, however, that sugar is totally safe for kids.   

Posters urging soldiers to eat carrots to improve their night vision were put up around the nation.  

Not even the most conscientious farmers can ensure that their produce will be free of pesticides. Organic foods may undoubtedly become contaminated with pesticides via wind and water.  

Recovering fallen food after five seconds won't keep you safe from infections. Certain bacteria have been demonstrated in a research to "jump" onto food that is dropped on the ground right away.  

According to popular perception, eggs raise your cholesterol levels, which makes them unhealthy. Nonetheless, studies have demonstrated that consuming up to 12 eggs a week is not harmful to your health.   

It may only stay lodged in the digestive tract if it is ingested alongside something alien, like a coin or a handful of sunflower seeds.  

There is no scientific evidence to support the recommendation that we should consume eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily in order to be healthy.  

It was thought at the time that a cramp experienced in the water was brought on by the stomach's need for a lot of oxygenated blood to aid in digesting.   

some farmers substitute organic pesticides for synthetic ones, the latter can often be much more hazardous.  

Pink posts a video of a heart on a cloud to remember her late father.