NFL Fans Petition Carrie Underwood to Headline Super Bowl 2024 Halftime Show

While most artists view winning American Idol as a significant accomplishment, Carrie Underwood saw it as simply the beginning of a successful career that still goes strong today.  

The singer utilized her victory in the fourth season of American Idol to propel herself into the public eye. 

She also won eight Grammy Awards and sold an amazing 85 million CDs throughout that time.  

Not to mention, she provided the voice for "Waiting All Day for Sunday Night," the NFL anthem.  

Some fans feel that the star should make an appearance during the Super Bowl Halftime Show because she has been involved with the NFL for more than ten years.

Underwood has led the national anthem two Super Bowl halftime shows, but she has never directed one. 

Some fans wanted to see the singer perform during the halftime performance because she was no stranger to a packed arena. 

In addition to talking about it, followers made the decision to take action by launching a petition.

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