new John Wick and Resident Evil 4 crossover is flawless.

To provoke John Wick now would be foolish. He has single-handedly wiped out legions of extremely skilled, professional assassins.

And yet, in a new video from a skilled YouTuber, we witness the murder of John's dog in the Resident Evil 4 village.

Not a good plan. A horrible plan. We, however, benefit from the material.

Since its inception in 2014, the John Wick film series has served mostly as a vehicle for Keanu Reeves to acquire an array of firearms and then employ them in a series of fanciful,

over-the-top action scenes. Some of the finest action movies of the last decade were based on this model.

However, it appears that Wick has eliminated all Hollywood stunt performers. Consequently, eli_handle_b.wav has released a new clip

in which Wick takes a detour through the foreboding forests of Resident Evil 4.

The title "John Wick in Resident Evil 4" accurately describes the content of the July 6 release. 

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