Netflix unveils Jennifer Lopez mech combat sci-fi film 'Atlas' trailer. 

With "Atlas," Netflix is channeling Amazon's "The Tomorrow War"-style summer blockbuster.  

That is, 'original' sci-fi films with big budgets and great casts to offset the pastiche of concepts.   

These may be streamed for the foreseeable future after 20th Century Studios' spectacular "The Creator" flopped in theaters last year.  

Netflix's official trailer for Brad Peyton's Atlas, which features an intriguing ensemble, follows a lackluster "Atlas" teaser.  

We won't complain about mechs blowing stuff up in space, and this trailer suggests it might do so well.   

Atlas and less fortunate troops are hunted to another planet where Harlan, an AI, is hiding and planning another attack on Earth.   

The twist? She must overcome her distrust of robots and work alongside Smith, a mech-bound AI.  

It's all very similar to Titanfall 2's story campaign, which we mean as a praise. The plot and world-building are weak.   

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