'My Cousin Vinny' Thinks Mike Lindell Dominantly defeat

Mike Lindell predicts courts will dismiss billion-dollar defamation lawsuits from voting software firms, comparing it to "My Cousin Vinny" scene. 

Lindell suggests Bed Bath & Beyond's bankruptcy is a result of the store removing his pillows from shelves. 

MyPillow faces financial setbacks as big-box retailers refuse to sell their products due to Lindell's election lies.

MyPillow auctions surplus equipment and subleases manufacturing space amidst ongoing boycott. 

Walmart, Costco, and Bed Bath & Beyond halt sales of MyPillow products after Jan. 6 insurrection and Lindell's baseless election claims. 

MyPillow suffers $100 million loss due to cancellation by major retailers and shopping channels.

Lindell acknowledges significant financial hit and inability to recover the loss of revenue.

MyPillow shifts focus to direct marketing and online sales, which now account for 95% of the company's revenue. 

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