Megan Fox gets criticized for her friend's $30,000 wedding. Donate

After encouraging her social media fans to contribute to a friend's GoFundMe,  

Megan Fox is receiving criticism.Hollywood star's supporters claim ,

she is "hoarding money" by asking individuals who are "much poorer" than ,

her for donations rather than personally chipping in the $30,000 required to hit the fundraising target. 

Her friend and veteran nail technician Brittney Boyce, whose 64-year-old father Michael ,

was just given a pancreatic cancer diagnosis, started the fundraising.Boyce said on the fundraising ,

website that she had created it in the hopes that it would help pay for her father's medical bills ,

so he could "focus on himself and not the stress of finances."Fox, whose estimated net worth is $8 million, 

Pink posts a video of a heart on a cloud to remember her late father.