Margot Robbie's business will produce the Monopoly film.  

Margot Robbie's production firm has signed up to make a film based on the iconic board game Monopoly.  

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Monopoly film has been in production for over a decade.  

However, it was reported on Wednesday that Robbie's production firm, LuckyChap, will produce it, as will Hasbro Entertainment, a subsidiary of the American toy corporation.  

Robbie's company has lately worked on Saltburn and last year's smash Barbie, in which the Australian actress also appeared. 

Robbie, 33, told Variety in February that he wants to develop more films with the same effect as Barbie.  

"I'm not sure if it needs to be Barbie 2. Why can't it be another big, unique, brave idea in which we get a fantastic filmmaker, a large budget, and the trust of a massive company to go all out? "I want to do that."  

Lionsgate Motion Picture Group chairman Adam Fogelson said the company is "tremendously excited" about the film and believes it has the potential to be the next blockbuster. 

It was patented in 1904 by Lizzy Magie, a left-wing American feminist. She called it the Landlord's Game, which evolved into what we now know as Monopoly.  

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