Madonna Calls Out Her Cousins She Hasn't Seen in Years at Celebration Tour's Tampa Stop

Although Madonna is renowned for traveling with her family, a few special people showed up to support her during her Tampa performance.

The pop singer, 65, acknowledged her relatives in the crowd on Thursday, April 4, as she took her Celebration Tour to Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida. 

The singer expressed her excitement at seeing her mother's side of the family members in person and revealed that it had been more than 20 years since she had last seen them.

Fan-recorded video that was uploaded to YouTube purports that the Material Girl said her cousins were watching the event and that she took a minute on stage to consider the importance of family. 

"One other mention is that I have two cousins that are in the audience tonight," she remarked following her remarks about her children and her thoughts on her late mother.

The Grammy seven-time winner went on, "I'm not calling them out. Simply put, I haven't seen them in maybe twenty-five years, and my mother is their aunt."

Madonna said, "I hope you enjoy seeing them tonight." Given how much the pop artist has said over the years about the impact of her mother's breast cancer death in 1963, when she was just 5 years old, on her, the moment seemed particularly poignant.

Shortly after the segment of Madge's concert that pays homage to her mother, Madonna Louise Ciccone, and her son David's biological mother, among others, she nodded to her family, stating that it brings her "great pleasure" to see their faces on stage.

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