Luke Grimes of Yellowstone reveals how one of his songs ended up on the show.

Taylor Sheridan, known for his tight control over Yellowstone, also has a keen eye for its music, as revealed by Luke Grimes, who plays Kayce Dutton. 

Grimes, also a musician, recently released his debut album and had one of his songs featured in Yellowstone after discussions with Sheridan. 

Sheridan's involvement in music decisions for the show includes creating characters like Walker for musicians like Ryan Bingham. 

Grimes sent Sheridan his song "No Horse To Ride," which ended up in the Season 5 mid-season finale. 

The show has featured music from other cast members like Bingham and Kevin Costner & Modern West. 

With Grimes' album release, there's speculation about more of his music appearing in the remaining episodes of Yellowstone. 

If Sheridan wants more of Grimes' music in the show, it's likely to happen, given his influence. 

Grimes expressed his desire for more of his music to be included in Yellowstone's soundtrack. 

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