Luke Grimes backs Kevin Costner's decision on 'Yellowstone'  

Luke Grimes isn't furious at his Yellowstone co-star Kevin Costner for leaving the hit program.  

Baglino, who quit as the company's senior vice president for energy engineering and powertrain last week  

sold 1.14 million Tesla shares on Thursday, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing  

That adds up to $181.5 million in Tesla stock.The document describes the sale as a "stock option exercise."   

Baglino earlier sold 10,500 Tesla shares for $1.85 million on April 1 and another 10,500 for $2.14 million on February 29 this year, according to the filing.  

Baglino, who has been with the company for nearly two decades, was a member of Tesla's main executive team.   

Rohan Patel, Tesla's vice president of public policy and commercial development, also announced his departure from the firm in an X post that day.  

The resignations came amid Tesla's massive layoffs, which resulted in the dismissal of at least 14,000 employees, or 10% of its 140,000-person global workforce.   

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