Longshot GOP strategy by Nikki Haley: In case Trump falls, take the 'driver's seat'

South Carolina's Hilton Head Island — Nickey Maxey, a Republican, is unconcerned with the fact that his former governor was unsuccessful in the first two primary elections for the Republican election in 2024.

He is completely on board with Nikki Haley. And he has a word of caution for those who are urging Haley to withdraw from the competition: do not underestimate her.

While prominent conservative activists and leaders from the Republican Party, including former President Donald Trump, are raising their voices to demand that Haley step down from her position, 

supporters of hers, such as Maxey, who assisted in organizing a fundraiser during her initial bid for governor in 2010, are beginning to see glimpses of an alternative route to triumph.

Maxey, who is 67 years old, stated that "She can win this if she stays in there." "Trump's going to mess up at some point, and so she's going to be in the driver's seat."

With regard to Haley's bid for South Carolina, there is a strategy. Additionally, she is working toward the goal of being the last person standing in the event that Trump's balloon bursts at any moment during the election cycle of 2024.

The election is also a test to determine whether or not there is a desire for an alternative to the former president, who has demonstrated electoral vulnerabilities even when he has won the state of Iowa and the state of New Hampshire.

She is hammering that message into the brains of voters about Trump's character and acumen while also racing from coast to coast soliciting campaign funding in order to maintain her lead in the race. 

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