Liqueurs, Syrups, and Garnishes to Enhance Your Next Whiskey Cocktail  

Few things are more enjoyable than a superb glass of whiskey, with the exception of a great whiskey cocktail.   

However, most of us can easily become stuck in a mixer rut, using the same ingredients over and over.   

While consistency is key when creating your favorite cocktails, there are many more factors to consider in addition to the spirit itself.  

The twelve listed below are some of the most fascinating components I've experimented with this year.  

All of them are easily accessible in person or online, and they have the ability to improve or change the character of even the most tried-and-true whiskey mixtures.  

The Old Fashioned is about as simple a whiskey drink as you can get, and making your own is a quick and easy task.  

However, sometimes the five minutes it takes to whisk one up is simply too long; you need that first taste right away. Check out Bittermilk's cocktail mixers.   

The Charleston, South Carolina-based firm has a diverse product line, but the No. 1 Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Fashioned mix is particularly noteworthy.   

And, while I'm not a fan of holiday-themed drinks, their No. 7 Gingerbread   

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