Lionel Messi helped Inter Miami surpass NFL and MLB teams on Instagram.

Instagram can help determine Lionel Messi's impact on Major League Soccer.  

Inter Miami CF had over 1 million followers on the platform before rumours of the.  

Argentine football great joining the team emerged. After the switch, the club has 5.7 million followers.

After the news, the account gained 1.3 million followers. The figure keeps rising, and it's unclear when it will stop. 

Inter Miami has more Instagram followers than any NFL, MLB, NHL, or MLS team.  

The Yankees and Dodgers each have 3 million followers on the platform. 

The New England Patriots have 4.9 million Instagram followers. 4.5 million follow the Dallas Cowboys. 

Messi's effect boosted "America's team" by 1 million followers. 

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