Lilith Trolls Dead Diablo 4 Player with Classic Gaming Insult

Diablo 4's adversary Lilith surprises a player after they die in-game by trolling them with a standard gamer move.

One gamer encountered an unpleasant surprise while playing Diablo 4 when the major antagonist Lilith teabagged them.

The funny film shows the extreme devastation Lilith may inflict on people who have played Diablo 4 before.

Since its release in June, fans have praised Diablo 4 for a variety of reasons, but one of the best features is the game's enjoyable gameplay.

Some gamers have already invested hundreds of hours into Diablo 4 due to the game's grind, proving what a fantastic combat experience the Blizzard development team has created.

But the game's enjoyable combat can also be rather difficult, which has led to some upsetting and unexpected losses.

It takes a lot of perseverance and determination in Diablo 4 to finally overcome various obstacles and battles, and sometimes this is easier said than done.

A recent loss when facing Lilith is both terrible and humorous, despite the fact that dying in any game is never fun.

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