Klay Thompson Discusses Re-Signing With The Warriors: "I Have To Prioritize My Mental Health"  

Lay Thompson provided his most open statement yet concerning his future with the Warriors, as his contract expires this summer   

Klay appeared on 'The Draymond Green Show' and discussed what he will prioritize as he considers returning to Golden State.  

"Just smelling the roses and enjoying the effort it took to get here. Having said that, when it comes to free agency in July, I simply have to keep that in mind.   

Yes, I want to re-sign with the Dubs, but I also need to prioritize my mental health and define what is important to me at this stage in my career.  

Before making this statement, Klay described how Draymond helped him refocus his thoughts after a difficult start to the season  

Klay now appreciating simply being in the NBA and playing for the love of the game rather than for money or accolades.  

"You helped me a lot when you said, 'Lean into these young guys, lean into the notion that you're a vet, you've earned X amount of money  

And I believe that once I realized that, I relaxed a little bit, rather than playing for a contract, an All-Star nod, or some other award, and instead played for the love of the game.   

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